Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

  1. Here we go, first recipe for the Instant Pot and you will not be disappointed….I decided to try roasting sweet potatoes today in the Instant Pot, its a super busy day with my girls today and meetings, so I literally did not even have time to get my oven heated and the potatoes roasted.  Fear not, INSTANT POT to the rescue and SCORE!!!!! These potatoes turned out amazing and it literally was quick and easy to prep and once I set the timer for 18 minutes I walked away.  Once I opened the top of the Instant Pot and I saw them I knew this was a win (now if it was just time for dinner, not sure I can even wait to eat one of these).  I fit 5 decent size sweet potatoes but could have fit 1-2 more.


  • 1 cup water
  • 6 medium size sweet poatoes (more or less depending on the size of your poatoes- you will still use the same amount of water and the same cooking time, so just make as many as you need).


  1. Scrub and wash your sweet poatoes.
  2. Place the rack that came with your Instant Pot in the bottom, pour in the water.
  3. Add in the sweet poatoes.  You can place them on top of one another.
  4. Place the top on the Instant Pot and turn to lock.  Make sure your steam release is closed.  Use the manual setting and set for 18 minutes and you are done- it will start within a moment on its own.  Keep in mind it will take a few minutes for it to come to pressure, then the timer will say 18 min.  Once done it will beep and set to warm until you release pressure and open the lid to use.  The sweet potatoes are so tender use tongs to take them out and be careful that they don’t fall apart.  Now you can top with any of your favorite toppings (I suggest a little butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar or honey–YUM)

That is it, easy and delicious and so fast! No more waiting for the oven to heat up and an hour of roasting sweet potatoes.  I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for my next Instant Pot recipe– comment below after you make these! I cannot wait to hear how you liked them. Haven’t ordered the Instant Pot yet? Need a good gift? Click on the photo below to order yours now!



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