How to be gluten free and put your best face forward…

How to be gluten free and put your best face forward…

Yes, you guessed it, gluten CAN be in your makeup and other facial products. Seriously? When I realized I had to go gluten free I never imagined I would have to change the makeup I wore or the facial cleansing products I used.  Giving up pasta and pizza, that was hard enough, but now my MAKEUP? Ok, I have not given up pasta and pizza as you know, but at the time I figured I would be living a life of salad, meats, potatoes, and no makeup.  Scary thought for me. That is where my research began.  I am a researcher by nature, I like to know, even if I do not like the information I find out, it has to be known, I will find a way to make it work.  So, I started looking at my makeup and began to worry about what I was using.  Ingredients like hydrolyzed malt extract, tritium durum, hydrolyzed wheat protein PG- propyl silantetriol, tritium vulgate (wheat) germ oil, barley grass, maltodextrin, sodium laurel oat amino acid…these are some of the ingredients out there that are wheat/gluten derived ingredients and for someone like me, I cannot have any gluten/wheat in my body or even on my body.  I have suffered many reactions after eating anything with gluten or even a cross contamination, but now, even a deodorant that I thought was safe for me, was not.  Using products with gluten on my body have not only caused me to be exhausted and achy but have also given me a terrible rash that has burnt my skin.

A trip to Target looking for body products, well, that went terribly wrong.  It resulted in me standing in the beauty aisles trying to read the ingredients on hair products and  body products, tears streaming down my face, not knowing how I would ever make it through.  Looking up each ingredient trying to see if it was safe for me.  After an hour (yes, an hour of praying that I did not see anyone I knew or they would certainly think I was crazy for crying over hairspray) I moved on to my car.  I composed myself and headed to Whole Foods, determined that I would find something I could use.

Thankfully, success!!! I found a make up brand called Mineral Fusion . This makeup line and skincare line began in 2007 and uses natural ingredients and are free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates.  I was thrilled to see all of the colors offered, the makeup line is fantastic and is the best option for those of you that need to avoid gluten (truthfully, I would use this brand now even if I could use gluten again, that is how much I really love it).  I have since switched all of my makeup over to Mineral Fusion and have been amazed at how great the make up is.  The colors last and it is gentle on my skin.  Not only that, but my 11 year old daughter Ella is completely gluten free as well, she is a competitive dancer and needs to wear makeup on stage.  I was able to get all of her makeup, even her red lipstick, and Mineral Fusion had colors that were a mere perfect match to what Ella needed.  YEAH!!!  Those of us that have kids, we know our children don’t want to be different, Ella having makeup that matched her friends was truly a blessing.

While I was at Whole Foods that day I also was very intrigued by the Everyday Coconut brand.  Face wash, toner, am and pm face lotion, and the eye cream all ended up in my cart that day.  I thought why not try another brand of gluten free, vegan, and paraben free products.  After all, I knew when this journey of mine started, I would want to share and educate others.  It has become a mission of mine to continue to learn, to help others, to share which products have worked for me and not worked for me, and I hope you as readers will share with me and with my followers too.  Now 8 months after I began using both of these brands, I am happy to report that not only am I will using them, but I love them.

Whatever you do, read your labels! If you are unsure, research the ingredients before you use the product.  In the long run you will be better off taking the time to make sure you are using a products that is safe for you, trust me.



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