Can your deodorant have gluten in it?

Can your deodorant have gluten in it?

Belive it or not, this question has come up recently, more than once.  Gluten, there is gluten in deodorant? Well let’s be honest, gluten seems to be lurking in more than just bread, pasta, and other food items.  Over the last year of being gluten free I have been reading and researching as much as I can.  I thought the deodorant that I was using was gluten free, but a month ago I had a horrible outbreak from it.  Flashbacks of the first time I had discovered the rash all over my stomach came flooding back.  Why on earth did I have it under my arms? What is doing this to me? Why am I so exhausted? My joints were hurting and I felt like maybe I was getting sick, that is until I realized it was my deodorant.  I immediately started looking for a gluten free deodorant that I could buy.  First stop, Amazon.  I found a gluten free deodorant from Love myself Organics that had pretty good reviews, so I took a chance and ordered it.  It took a few days for me to get used to it but it did work pretty well.  Expensive at $11.99 but worth it considering the fact that I had a terrible reaction to the one I was using.  My rash went away and within a few days I was beginning to feel better, so I knew that there was gluten in my old deodorant and that I had been glutenated.

I happened to shopping at Lucky’s Market  the other day and looked in there health department to see what they had for deodorants.  I was excited to see they had one by Schmidt’s.  They had 4 different scents, I chose the Bergamot-Lime and for $9.99 it was a great buy! It is my new favorite.  It does on well AND it works! I mean really works well!

For those of you who suffer from gluten issues, make sure you are checking ALL of your body care products as well as foods.  Gluten is used as a stabilizer in tons of products.  Read the labels, look for the GF sign.  Yes, some of the products will cost more money, but in the long run, your health is worth it.


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